Faroes Workshop | 16th - 21st March 2020 - £2995 (with Mads Peter Iversen and Nigel Danson)

Faroes Workshop | 16th - 21st March 2020 - £2995 (with Mads Peter Iversen and Nigel Danson)


Cost for workshop is £2,995.

Payment of £500 depsoit is required to secure this place. With the balance due 6 months prior to departure.

This is 6 night / 5 day workshop on the stunning Faroe Islands.  It is limited to 8 participants and run by popular YouTubers and professional landscape photographers Nigel Danson and Mads Peter Iversen. Limited to 8 places (with 2 workshop leaders)

  • Accommodation included

  • Travel around Faroes included

  • Perfect time of year for spectacular conditions

  • 5 Full days and 6 nights of photography

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Pay £500 Deposit

An Amazing Location at a dramatic and stunning time of the year

The Faroe Islands is a hidden gem in Europe. A place like no other on earth. An idyllic escape, peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocean. It is a landscape photographer’s dream.

Mads and I are really excited about being able to offer this workshop again in 2020 after such fond memories of 2019 trips.


Mads Peter Iversen

Photographer living in Aarhus and Silkeborg. 
I find my inspiration all over the world but I'm especially drawn to the nordic, cold and harsh yet stunningly beautiful nature.

Check out Mads work here (his Faroes videos are the best on YouTube)



A word from Nigel…,

Working with Mads is amazing and his dedication and devotion to obtaining the best possible photo at the locations we visit makes him a great workshop partner.

The last few Faroes workshops we have done together have yielded some amazing photos for our clients and in fact two of the months in my 2020 calendar are from these trips.

What is included?

This is a 6 night workshop starting from Vagar airport in the Faroes on the Monday.  Full details will be sent out 6 months prior to the start.

  • Meet at airport

  • 6 nights accommodation included

  • Transport around the Faroes (to locations based on conditions) in mini bus and 4x4.

  • Photographic tuition and guidance from Nigel and Mads

Note - Accommodation is included in the price of this workshop but food is not. although at some locations breakfast will be included in the price.

What should I bring along?

  • Winter clothing - it could be snowing, frosty and will be very cold.

  • Walking boots

  • Camera (obviously) and spare batteries as they will soon go down in the cold

  • Tripod

  • Filters if you have them (but not necessary)

  • Manual for camera

  • Drone (if you have one)

  • Phone


A full packing list will be sent out 3 months prior to trip

Improve your photographic skills

I believe that if you want to improve your photography you need to be in the right mindset.  I will show you how I take less photos but end up with more keepers and photos to hang on the wall.

On this trip we will talk you through the key elements in producing stunning images

  • Composition

  • Light

  • Subject

  • Timing

As we wonder through the landscape I will also chat to you about the technical aspects of photography.  Understanding your camera and settings but keeping it simple. We will help with this throughout the day on the technical aspects depending you your requirements.  Typical areas that I work with are the exposure triangle of f-stop, ISO and shutter speed.

  • Help with composition and how to find unique angles

  • Help with understanding light and how it can impact on the mood of the image

  • Understand the key technical elements, demystifying the often overwhelming array of camera settings (focus, exposure, histogram, lenses, tripod, filters)

  • Dedicated time to slow down and think more carefully about taking fewer but better images

  • How to visualise an image and then see that through to the final print

We also can help with appropriate use of filters.  I think that getting the image correct in camera at the time of shoot is a good practice and helps you spend less time sat at a computer and more time out in the fresh air improving your photography.